Etsy Star for a Week

While Nate was recovering from his teeth pulling (he’s doing quite well, thank you), I was flooded with Etsy business. Sarah, from a shop called TheJetty, started a conversation with Nate’s StripMallArt page.

Dear Nate,

I am using your shop in a treasury challenge for one of the teams I’m on. You might see some of your items in treasuries in the next 24 hours, either in your activity feed, or you might get convos. If you leave a little comment on each treasury that your item is in, people love that. 🙂

Here is a link to the team thread where this contest is going on:

Have a great day!

What could it mean? “Convos,” “treasuries,” “teams” – all mysterious terms in the context of Etsy. It took me multiple messages to get a handle on what was happening, and I’m still not one hundred percent certain still.

Treasury challenges are when a group of Etsy shop owners create a contest around a certain work from one of their own stores. A piece is chosen and each team member creates a listing of other items from other shops that tie in in some way to the original chosen item. I think that’s it.

The end game? To get some publicity for the starting item, to generate some buzz for the shop, and to have some fun with the team. What was wonderful about this challenge is that Sarah chose an item from outside her domain. She’d been tipped off by another Etsy owner, Michelle at PluffMudDesgins, about Nate. Here’s how Sarah wrote about it:

I’ve decided that rather than picking an item from my own shop, I am choosing an item from a curious, unknown, but fascinatingly artistic shop called StripMallArt. . The drawings in this shop are created obsessively by a hyperlexic young man named Nate. You can read more about his life and art in the shop’s profile. (Michelle from PluffMudDesigns brought this shop to my attention.)

Home Depot and Target, Deer Park, IL

Sarah chose Home Depot and Target, Deer Park, IL, a real treat of a drawing with multiple structures including an incredible White Castle and a wonderfully ornate Target. Over the course of the challenge, 11 different team members created treasuries centered on this strip mall. They were a fascinating array of items, including architectural details, a painting of a Target, some abstract photography, White Castle trinkets.

Though in pain and a little woozy, Nate checked out the different treasuries as he felt up to it. He was asked to pick the winner. He chose “Alpha Folk” by Pat McWhorter, which included a photo of a Walgreens on Canal St., a vintage Florida postcard and a Holiday Inn artist concept drawing (Nate’s fave).

It was very cool to see Nate’s art draw so much enthusiastic interest. Though he hasn’t sold anything as a result of his being featured, Nate’s shop has now had 1,320 shop views in a little over one month. More and more people are noticing, and that’s great.


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